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A problem shared is a problem halved

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You can't talk about that stuff with people who don't understand.

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You don’t have to deal with a loved one’s alcohol or other drug use alone. Find a support group in your community today.


I think a belief that's out there is I can't do anything until the person I love does something, which isn't true.

Helplines & Alcohol, Drug Services: What to Expect

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'Attempts at change may not always succeed but the key task is to stick together and keep talking,' Peter.

A Word From Our Professionals

You can talk to a professional: Making a decision to talk to a trained professional, whether they’re a counsellor, therapist, or perhaps your G.P, is really positive. You can also talk to our team for support for concerned others on 0800 638 443 or

You can talk to another family member or friend: It’s positive to seek out the support of people who are there for us and care about our problems. Letting friends and other family members know what you’re going through and how you are feeling will leave you feeling less isolated.

Also have a look at our 'Living Well' brochure for more information on how to care for yourself when faced with a loved one's addiction.

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