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I finally got to talk about how I felt and deliver some ultimatums, it was empowering.


When Enough Is Enough: Interventions and Ultimatums

Perhaps you’ve reached the end of your tether and in order to keep yourself well, something absolutely has to change. Confronting your loved one about their alcohol and other drug use is often referred to as an intervention. Here’s some things to consider about this course of action.

The pros and cons of staging an intervention.

  • Interventions can be an empowering opportunity to communicate.
  • Interventions can provide you with an opportunity to set boundaries and deliver ultimatums.
  • Interventions may help your loved one recognise their substance use has become problematic, and help them decide to seek treatment.
  • Interventions are an opportunity to affirm your love and support in a relationship that has become strained due to substance use.
  • You might not get what you want from an intervention.
  • You might be reluctant to follow through on your boundary setting and ultimatums, particularly if these include harsh realities like not allowing your loved one to live at home while they are still using.