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Cross Cultural Approaches - Working with Family and Whānau

Lets get real: For people working in mental health and addiction.
Working with Māori. Essential Level Learning Module. The working with Māori Real Skill in the Let’s get real framework identifies six key areas within which to explore the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values considered essential when working with Māori in the mental health and addiction context.

Matua Raki Addiction Workforce Development:Working with Māori
Modules 1 and 2. Working with Māori is a series of interactive cultural competency e-learning tools aimed to increase the cultural competency of the health workforce. The purpose of these tools is to assist workers to increase their understanding of working effectively with Māori tāngata whai ora and whānau to improve health outcomes.

Engaging Pasifika
New Zealand’s national Pasifika cultural competency training programme. Le Va’s Engaging Pasifika cultural competency training programme is evidence-informed and equips health and disability services to connect culture and care. Through a blended learning approach, participants learn the foundational attitudes, knowledge and skills to safely engage with, and effectively deliver, quality services for Pasifika people and their families.

Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Group: CALD
Enhancing CALD Cultural Competence. Cultural diversity in the New Zealand population is growing leading to increasing cross cultural interactions between workers and people accessing services. Ongoing cultural competency development involves having the capacity for cultural self-assessment. The following are useful tools for cultural competency self-assessment.