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Working with families in an addiction context: Tools and links

Family Focused Resources

pdf-icon.jpgAssessing from a strengths perspective
Adapted from an article by Graybeal (2001) this checklist outlines a strength-based approach to assessments that compliments other psychosocial approaches.

pdf-icon.jpgIdentifying strengths using the ROPES
A framework that contains questions to assist in identifying strengths.

pdf-icon.jpgWhanau plan
This resource provides the format for a treatment plan which is developed following a comprehensive assessment and analysis of the substance use in a social context.

pdf-icon.jpgAn organising framework
To assist in the analysis of substance use as it is related to social settings.
Brief Behavioural Couples Therapy for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Manual and other guidelines


Children's Resources
Family Works (21 Fun street programme provider)
21 Fun Street Kool Kids - Therapeutic Programmes for Children Living with Addiction,this work is available from Kina Trust.
SCODA - Working with a Parent or Care-giver with an Alcohol or Drug-Use Problem
SCODA - Risk Assessment with Parental Drug-Use

KITES is a Wellington based community development organisation. Their purpose is to seize opportunities, transform ideas and current problems into successful new solutions for families and children experiencing mental illness and/or using mental health services.
Alcohol Concern UK Supporting children affected by parental alcohol misuse: a toolkit

pdf-icon.jpgDrug Info Clearinghouse Newsletter (see page 7)
Nobody’s Clients is an Australian research project targeted at children living with addictions conducted by Odyssey Institute Studies. It contains outstanding recommendations for working with this client group


Culturally Based Resources
A Ministry of Health website devoted to issues related to Maori Health, outlines current Maori Mental Health models.

pdf-icon.jpgTe Whare Tapa Wha
This Maori model is often employed across health settings. Download this pdf for a description of this holistic model and how this approach can be applied to practice.

pdf-icon.jpgWhanau Session Examples
This provides suggested guidelines for working with Whanau.
Le Va is the Pacific Mental Health Workforce Development Unit within Te Pou. Updates on Pacifika initiatives for the workforce.

pdf-icon.jpgWhanau is Whanau
The publication 'Whanau is Whanau', by Tai Walker, Ngati Porou, Health Services Research Centre, Victoria University, Wellington, was funded by the Families Commission. The report describes the findings of a small qualitative study investigating the concept of 'whanau'.


Organizations Providing Useful Resources
Supporting Families in Mental Illness (formerly Schizophrenia Fellowship)
Family Constellation work provides a unique approach to healing family relationships.
This Motivational Interviewing library site gives free to access ‘values' cards that may be used with clients in relation to their social relationships or adapted for use with families.
The Familial Trust is an agency providing a variety of services to the families of alcoholics, addicts and compulsive gamblers. This New Zealand agency’s able to offer a range of books and other resources to help people with their issues around a loved one’s addiction or their own. There are resources aimed at families, friends, employers and professionals working in the field.
For ideas on reframing strategies and using a ‘strengths' vocabulary
Addictions Treatment Directory and Alcohol Drug Helpline
The Health Promotion Agency (was ALAC)


International sites that include family AOD issues

Blog with a lot of useful articles on tools, treatments and advice that people could use to help with their addiction recovery.
Resiliency Links

Related Articles

webpage-icon.jpgJournal Article on Socio-Economic Factor in Family Therapy
The paper will highlight the extraordinary impacts our homes and upbringing have in shaping our understanding of the world and the meaning we accord events in our lives.

webpage-icon.jpgFamily Therapy - Wikipedia Overview
This Wikipedia article provides several well referenced links to related topics such as solutions focused therapy, narrative work and the use of genograms.

pdf-icon.jpgTherapeutic Models - Behavioural vs. Brief Family Therapy/Child Focused
A good side-by-side comparison and analysis of two popular modalities.

webpage-icon.jpgTheories and Methods of Family Intervention - Overview
An excellent, brief, comparison of the major theories in the field.