Kina, Families & Addiction Trust

Support for Family and Whānau

Matua Raki National Addiction Workforce Development
We Are Family: Stories of Family and Whānau affected by someone else’s problematic use of alcohol or other drugs.
This is a collection of people’s personal stories. Being affected by someone else’s problematic use of AOD can be challenging, shameful and lonely. This is a useful resource to give to family and whānau and can be ordered in hard copy from Matua Raki.

Drug Help
Information and videos for people worried about someone’s drug use (including alcohol). This website has tips and tools for self-care whilst supporting someone with addiction.

Family Drug Support Aotearoa New Zealand (FDS)
FDS is a New Zealand wide organisation set up to support family and whānau and friends impacted by alcohol and other drug use of people they care about. The aim is to provide support based on science, compassion and human rights. Free phone counselling between 10.00am and 10.00pm every day. FDS supports a harm reduction model.

Familial Trust: Because Families Matter
Familial Trust is based in Christchurch and provides face to face and online counselling for people negatively impacted by someone else’s use of alcohol and other drugs. Familial Trust operates a sliding fee scale between $85.00 and $35.00 per session

Health Promotion Agency (HPA)
How to talk to someone about their drinking.
Practical seven step guidance to have the tricky conversation

New Zealand Drug Foundation (NZDF)
Worried about friends or whānau? Looking after Yourself.
Even when the person you are concerned about really wants to change, being a successful support person isn’t easy. Taking care of your basic needs can give you a solid foundation for dealing with the tougher stuff.

Werry Workforce. WHĀRAUAU
Resources for parents, family and whānau. Includes written information sheets, videos and useful website links to assist those supporting young people with their wellbeing

Matua Raki National Addiction Workforce Development 
What is Opiod Substitution Treatment Booklet?
This brochure has been developed for family, whānau and support people of people receiving opioid substitution treatment (OST). It helps shed some light on OST to understand this treatment option.