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About Us

History of the Kina Trust

Kina Families and Addictions Trust was established as a Charitable Trust in December 2002. The formation of the Trust was initiated by a small group of individuals in the Alcohol and Drug field concerned at the lack of services that included families and the social networks of clients. There was also concern at the lack of sustainability for existing and developing initiatives addressing the needs of family members and acknowledging client’s roles as parents, partners and members of the community.

The Trust was initially known as Kith and Kin Whaanau Whaanui, Families Children and Addiction Trust. However, in 2004 at the Cutting Edge annual treatment conference, the Trust was re branded as Kina, Families and Addictions Trust. This is considered a more user friendly name that reflects the kaupapa of the Trust and its work in the addictions field.

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