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Jen's Story

When my daughter was 16 she was diagnosed with bi-polar disorder and started some medication to help her mood stabilise. This was 16 years ago. Over the years she has had different successes and failures with her life ambitions. The medications she took made her shuffle like an old broken spirit. It broke my heart. She had several disastrous relationships and alongside her medications she was smoking marijuana (heavily) using the legal highs when they became available and generally behaving in a nasty way. She would always ask us for money, she never could keep her living environment well. During this time she has given birth to my two lovely mokopuna, who are now 5 and a half and 3 and a half. This is where I come in well and truly as an enabler. I cannot bear to see them miss out on things in life because their Mum wants cigarettes or pot. I feel like I am over a barrel. I never let my daughter miss out on her rights in life and I cannot bear the thought the she would choose a substance over her children. I am so over how I feel. My daughter has decided not to take any of the medications previously prescribed and self medicates with pot. I'm not sure what to do anymore.

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1 Comment

Oct 04, 2021

Hi Jen - yes once they go passed the stage where their habit is more important than their tamariki its time to do something serious....she will always be asking to money for the habit and because you are not with her 24/7 how do you know that she is not on something stronger...get help for her...she needs to understand that her 2 babies are the most important things in her life...not her habit...I bet she is always broke..and always wanting money...another sure sign she's outta daughter is in rehab/detox...I will never understand how she got to where she is...;its a huge problem in our country...huge...I am still coming to grips with her problem...heartbreaking...keep in touch - Ka kite Kathy

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