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Sarah's Story

My 23yr old son is struggling with drug addiction. He finally asked for help a year and a half ago and moved to in to live with us. He went through some dark times after methamphetamine use but seemed to be sorting himself out. He has smoked it again a few times, although he has to have regular drug testing at work so I think that it will cost him his job eventually (he asked for help before he lost everything) and we have done everything we could to support him up to now. I FINALLY reached the stage that it is his decision and the fact that he hides it is what worries me as I cannot confront him with it as he will deny it until he gets to the stage that he is really done with it. I recently found a pipe and a small bag in his room but can’t say anything or he will know I was looking and invaded his privacy. Yet how long before the we go back to where we were? I don’t even feel that I can tell my hubby cos he will say kick him out and that is what we said to my son, if you go back there we do not want you in our home. I have done so much research and understand addiction and enabling, however, when he’s here at least I know he’s safe. He feels safe living with us but that will not stop him using if he really chooses to. We don’t know if he will be better off living away from home or not. I’m trying so hard to live my own life and not let this terrible drug consume my life too.

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1 Comment

Oct 04, 2021

Hi Sarah I am in the same position although my son won't come and live with me, I hope for us both our sons see sense and realise this is not life ....... keep strong

Posted by Karen, 01/03/2017 4:47am (5 years ago)

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