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When a person has an alcohol, drug or other addiction problem it is also a family and community issue.

Kina Trust was formed in response to low levels of family involvement in alcohol and drug treatment services. The Trust believes that not only do family members, especially children, have the right to support, but that by involving family in the process there is more chance of successful recovery.

These practitioner pages have been developed with the support of:
Te Pou - is a national workforce centre for mental health, addiction and disability in New Zealand.

What is the Trust?

Kina Trust is a national Charitable Trust established in 2002 by professionals concerned with the lack of services provided for the families and children in the addiction field.


Why is the Trust needed?

There is a lack of support available to New Zealand families affected by substance misuse. Alcohol and other drug treatment services focus almost exclusively on the needs of the person misusing substances. Family members affected by a loved one's addiction require services that recognise their specific needs and provide appropriate support. Some services already provide limited programmes for children and families but these are typically under resourced and marginalised. Research identifies both the need for, and effectiveness of, working with addiction in a family context. In New Zealand, this requires the involvement of whanau at all levels of service provision and interventions.

Our family member focused mission

Kina wholeheartedly believes that substance misuse affects the entire family, and therefore, the very structure of our communities at large. Any service provision within the addictions treatment sector should be guided by a strong focus on the needs of the entire family.


“Families are the foundation for us all, and they have more power than any other relationships to hurt or heal, to stress or strengthen individuals”

While there are some pockets of service provision within New Zealand that recognise the needs of family members and act accordingly, overall service provision for family members affected by substance misuse is poor. We aim to change this. We are providing family members with resources, raising awareness of the needs of the entire family, and providing family whānau training for practitioners working in the addictions treatment sector. 

Te mana kaha o te whānau

What Can the Kina Trust do for you?

The Trust can support organisations in development of programmes and services that work with addiction in a family context.

Trust activities include:

  • Provision of resources - available on the Familial Trust website - Familial Trust

  • Education / Support for family members 

About the Name

For the Trust, the Kina captures a unique part of life in Aotearoa. It represents sustenance, collectiveness and presence of the sea in New Zealand family life. The spines reflect the defences of addiction shielding the preciousness within. This name reflects the bi-cultural nature of our communities.

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