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Anonymous Story

My ex partner and I have been on and off for 10 years now. We share 2 children and I am pregnant with our 3rd. I am choosing to be alone this time around because of his drug use and lies.

This pregnancy wasn't planned and I have decided will be my last. He has been addicted to various drugs since I have known him, but it has become so much worse in the last 12 months. He uses Methamphetamine, Marijuana and the drug he is most addicted to, Synthetic Cannabis.

This is where my concern comes in. I've seen the news in the last week, highlighting the negative effects of synthetics, and as I watch the video of a man foaming at the mouth, throwing up and then passing out, it hits me. That is him. The foaming mouth, the throwing up, passing out in what seems to be a drug induced sleep. That is absolutely him. Although it isn't actually him on the news, there are times when he turns up foaming, or with vomit all over his clothes. Times when he will just pass out on the couch or on a bed and just sleep for hours.I've told him over and over again, you are going to overdose or die one day from the drugs. But it doesn't seem to faze him.

I have full custody of our children and he may only have supervised contact when I agree. I've told him to talk to his GP about quitting, which he did, but nothing more has come from it. He uses synthetics daily. Multiple times at that. Once the first high has worn off, he is straight into the next one. I am unsure how often he uses Methamphetamine and the marijuana seems to be too difficult for him to acquire. I am at the point where I don't know what more I can do. It's like pushing shit uphill. I'm trying to help a man who doesn't want to help himself. People say that I should let him hit the wall, but we've already been at the point. Near death and he still won't see clearly.

Do i keep being supportive to a person who's support network consists of family members who also use and sell the drugs, or do I walk away completely with my children, cut all ties and hope that I don't ever receive a phone call notifying me of his death or overdoses?



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