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Lost for words mum

I have a 33yr old daughter who seems to have lost her way and has turned to a life of drugs. The sad part is there is a little boy involved who both my husband and I worry about. We tread lightly as it will be the little one that will wear the force of it. We have this little one for 4 nights of every week which spans over the weekend and 1 day both sides of the weekend.

My daughter comes and stays most weeks with us and tries to get herself sorted out but still goes back to her ways. She is so down and out it is not funny. When she comes down she gets moody and violent to herself and harms herself badly. She has bald patches on her head through pulling out her hair. We are not immune to the horrific backlash of the drugs and their effects. There is just so much that goes on with families and loved ones that turn to drugs- it is just exhausting.

My main concern right now is for my grandson who has seen so much in his little life time and does not want to go with his mum. There is a dad in this picture and although he’s not as bad, does not help the situation. While my grandson would rather go with his dad, his dad likes to partake in the drugs as well but doesn't seem to effect him as much.

My daughter does synthetics.

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