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Mel's Story

My mum has been an alcoholic since I can remember (I'm currently 21). She is an amazing mother but when she drinks she becomes very nasty. She is on lots of medication for health reasons (she had major heart surgery two years ago and anti depressants) so if she has one sip of wine she becomes intoxicated as the medication and wine do not mix well.

I lived with my mum till I was 11. There had been many times my mum has accidentally overdosed on alcohol and sleeping pills, drunk drove with me and crashed etc. When i turned 11 my mum got in a car accident with me which ended up with my father gaining custody with me and me having to move to Christchurch to live with my dad. I now see my mum two maybe three times a year. She still drinks as much as ever, but being older I'm now able to handle this myself.

I was wondering does anyone know what I can do for her, I want to be there for her and help her get clean but its hard when I live in the South Island and shes in the north. I want to recommend counselling or help groups but I don't know where to start, any suggestions ?


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15 nov 2021

A/A groups in her area, if you look them up online they have dates and times for different areas. I dont know if you have seen the living well booklet that is a good read some good information.

Mi piace

11 ott 2021

Mel, I am so sad no one responded to your plea. I know that God hears you, take comfort in that please.

Mi piace
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