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Rosemary's Story

I am an addict in recovery. My youngest son is finally clean and sober at 35. He's just gotten married and turned his life around. It had consumed my life since he was 14 years old. I thought I was going insane. His behaviour frightened me. when he was using methamphetamine and alcohol he would binge for days. He would have no sleep and become psychotic. My husband and I became very scared of him and constantly had to call the police. He was always in trouble and it constantly caused trouble in our family. We had an elephant in our house. I felt isolated and antisocial. He stole from us and we even planned his funeral. I went to alanon 12 years ago and have felt a great relief and support from the 12 step program. I can only say that just for today I am grateful to god for our family in recovery. It has been a slow and painful ride out but we are getting there. The biggest thing is trust. It is a dreadful disease.

Easy does it.



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