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Looking after yourself

If you’ve become a hostage to your loved one’s alcohol or other drug use its time to start putting your needs first and looking after yourself.

Live your Life


Put your own needs first


Be responsible for yourself only


I was losing my mind, I had to let go of trying to fix his problems and start taking care of myself.



You can also:

Talk about how you are feeling
When we stop communicating our feelings we become isolated. Talk it over with someone, you’ll feel better for it.

Talk to someone

Join a group
Groups of people affected by family member’s alcohol or other drug use are meeting in your community right now! These can be a tremendous source of strength and support.

Talk to someone

Share your story
Putting it down in words can be extremely helpful. Why not join our online community today. Visit our site-blog and share your story. You’ll also be able to read about the experiences of other visitors to this site.

You are not alone

Learn new ways to cope
Perhaps you’re here today looking for some new strategies for coping with your loved one’s alcohol or other drug use? We can help.

Strategies for coping

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