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Strategies for coping

Mood swings and erratic behaviour often accompany alcohol and other drug use. It’s really difficult to interact with someone when you’re uncertain of their state of mind.

Are you the peace keeper in the household, ‘tip-toeing’ around your loved one, avoiding disputes at all costs?


She’d been up for days and saying really bizarre stuff, I was walking around on egg shells.

Or perhaps you’re so fed up and angry, acrimonious confrontations have become the norm at home? Maybe you’re so tired of your loved one’s alcohol or other drug use you find the easiest was to cope is too simply withdraw? Perhaps the idea of admitting there’s a problem fills you with fear? You’d rather just concentrate on keeping up appearances and denying anything is amiss.



Are you one of these people? These coping mechanisms are actually normal responses to the frustration, fear, and uncertainty, of dealing with a loved one’s alcohol and other drug use.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of these coping mechanisms and look at some possible alternative strategies.

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